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So I took a break from writing anything yesterday because I finished my short piece “In Flight Snack” on Monday after a feverish push and yesterday was just not a good day over all. That being said “In Flight Snack” was a relatively hard one for me to write because it was in a genre I’m not that familiar with. Anyway more on that later. Today I’m going to try and get a lot written: 

– Post for this blog about a character from a Sci-Fi show that I love (the character I mean, the show not so much) 

– Post on Karaba The Sorceress for Feminist SF – The Blog

– Post for a website that hasn’t gone up as of yet (more details on this later)

– Start work on a longer version of “Candy Witch”

– Continue working on my short piece “Heaven-Tree-Earth”

– Also two anthologies I want to submit stories to have a dealine of Thursday so I have to edit a couple of stories.

Sound like a lot? It is but I’m feeling very up and at them this morn.

So shorty-links since I have much to do:

Banned Musical Instrument Rumored To Cause Insanity & Depression.

The Schedule for WisCon 32 has gone live!

A Young Woman Wins Team Medal All By Herself!



One response to “Writing & Links

  1. Musical insanity? I love it!

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