Breaking The Semi-Hiatus – WisCon Day 2

Got here on Thursday on a Redeye flight, so it’s a bit of a blur but I got to see a bunch of folks that I only see once a year and hang out. 

Yesterday, the first official day of WisCon. I have so far purchased over 25 books, not as bad as it sounds, 18 of them were ARC’s and were basically free. Supported the feminist bookstore Room of One’s Own with my hard earned money, attended the opening ceremonies and renewed my membership to the Carl Brandon Society. This morning already I’ve picked up the Tiptree shirt and two fabulous pieces of art called She Is Bodymod & He Is Bodymod. C’mon I had to buy both, they go together. 

We had he POC only Meet & Greet in our room last night. Also a hilarious sidenote, we (Jackie & I) have our white roommate recruiting POC that we didn’t find. She came up to us and was like “I found one” and introduced us to a wonderful woman, Maria who is no stranger to Sci-fi cons but for who this is her first WisCon. We have the best white allies eva. 

That’s all for now, we are about to head off to breakfast then on to more Con and POC meet-ups! Also my first panel is today, I’m moderated Captain Jack’s Big Gay Torchwood. We’ll see how it goes.


4 responses to “Breaking The Semi-Hiatus – WisCon Day 2

  1. OK. Now I feel totally famous. And I was so glad to meet you all after that * awful * panel.

  2. I’m so envious (well, except for the vomit bug which seems to be striking down random Wisconners) – I was looking forward to hanging with you and Tempest and Jackie again and seeing if I could persuade you that being British made me an honourary POC.


    Think of me when you eat macaroni cheese pizza.

  3. Maria:
    It was totally awesome to meet you. I wish I had been at the panel so I could say some things but also am supremely glad I was not there.

  4. Wendy:
    The Mac & Cheese Piza was soooo good. I mourn its loss already. I didn’t know until I got there and asked Tempest where you were that she told me you couldn’t make it. I was very sad and had a chocolate martini in remembrance.
    Hope you make it next year!

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