Back Again, Back Again, Jiggety-Jig

I have returned to my homebase from the wonderfulness that is WisCon and of course I am filled with the sadness of saying goodbye to friends I only get to see once a year. They have dispersed through the known world and I miss them all already. Hanging out, drinking and talking with Jackie, Joyce, Liz, Vito, Tempest, Candra, Allison, Johanna, Phredd, Elizabeth, Julia, Leah, J.J., Heyiya, Isabel, Maria et. al. (if your name is missing it doesn’t mean I won’t miss you just that I’m still suffering from ConBrain) is always the best part of the Con. Plus there were a few of folks who recognized my name from this blog which was insane!

It was fun con full of wonderful folks and the time went by way to fast. As for the panels I was on, well two of them went really well and two were…less than okay with me. There might be write ups of those in the next few days as I get over the Conbrain. I don’t know if I’m gonna do a play by play summary of WisCon like I did last year but I will be posting some of the highlights.

Also there will be snippets of a show that my roommates Jackie, Elizabeth & I talked about/starred in during our trip: Traveling With Femmes. This could be the next big thing! A co-production of Bravo & The Travel Channel.

There were three unfortunate things during the trip:

1. Infection! Some flu-like virus hit the Con a bunch of us got a mild version and then some got the “oh-my-god shooting out of both ends” version. I’m still not convince that the patriarchy did not do this on purpose.

2. Delay! My plane was delayed by over three hours, which means that the plane landed at 1:00 a.m. as opposed to 9:45 p.m., not fun at all. But at least it wasn’t cancelled altogether like Elizabeth’s flight, she ended up having to spend an extra night in Wisconsin.

3. Haterade! A woman came to the convention with the intention of stirring people up and causing trouble, when that didn’t go her way she took pictures of people and made a long fatphobic, transphobic, vitriolic, hateful post on her livejournal and to When she received a letter from the ConCom she took down her post and asked that the post be removed from SA. Unfortunately a non-affiliated group reposted part of the original and the comments have been…well let’s just say I’ve lost a lot of my faith in humanity.
     I’m still at a very stabbity-stab-stab moment with the whole thing so I can’t write a coherent post and really I’m unsure I want to revisit the seething ball of (self-)hate that thread is ever again so maybe there will never be a post.
     I’m utterly appalled by the things being said and really the people who have to mock others to make their own pathetic useless lives seem more interesting are just really fucking sad. It’s all about the amount of self-hate they have and their own inability to feel good unless they’re making fun of others and trying to make others feel bad. I’m not gonna link to anything because I don’t want the thread to get more traffic.

Anyway other than those three things, it was a fucking fantastic time and I’ve already booked the hotel room for next year.

10 responses to “Back Again, Back Again, Jiggety-Jig

  1. It was fun hanging out with you this weekend. I now want to watch a bunch of trashy shows like “Dirt”!

    Thanks for having my back and for adding to the happiness of the con with your stories.


  2. Great to see you on panels and at parties! The Huntress sends her greetings as well.

  3. Leah:
    Seriously, DIRT is fantastic! So so trashy and yet you cannot look away.
    It was so good to see you and hang out even though there’s never enough time at WisCon.

  4. the angry black woman:
    I bid on it as soon as I saw this which drove the price up but I’m still not the high bidder. I suspect I may have to do the sniper-bidder thing to get it, we’ll see if that works.

  5. phredd:
    It was good to see you too and I hope you can make it across the pond for next year. Vixen sends her greeting from her spot on my bookshelf.

  6. A very stabbity-stab-stab moment? Are you allowed to be that cute when you are angry? (wink)

  7. Naamen, I’m totally glad that if neither Phredd nor I could get Vixen, you did! By the time my number came up in the raffle the best that was left was a Harlequin novel made into manga… which, mind you, could be awesome & I totally look forward to reading it. But! Yay Vixen!!

    Also yay WisCon!

  8. Moondancer: I always try and mitigate the anger with my inherent cuteness! (wink)

  9. johanna:
    I do love Harley Quinn her insanity so the book could totally be kickass. I kind of barely looked at anything else they had, I saw Vixen and was had an only child moment of “Give it to me, now!”

    And I agree: YAY WISCON!

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