Traveling With Femmes – Episode The First

Jackie and I arrived at Milwaukee Airport and sat down to wait for ourother roommate Elizabeth, who was coming from a different city. I had my huge duffel bag and a tote, Jackie had a suitcase the size of my duffel (but much more heavy), a carry-on and a purse. Elizabeth arrived, looked at , looked at me and asked, “Where’s your luggage?”

I looked down at my (to me) huge duffel bag. It was at that moment that I realized this was no ordinary trip, I was dum-dum-dum Traveling With Femmes!


4 responses to “Traveling With Femmes – Episode The First

  1. How many shoes did they bring? Because I know it’s not a real trip for me unless I bring at least two pairs of shoes for each day I’m gone. 😉

  2. sorry for the double post. my laptop is being very annoying right now. sigh.

  3. Maria:
    No worries I deleted the additional comment.

    I really need to check in on how many pairs of shoes they brought with them but I know that Elizabeth bought two pairs of sandals while we were at the Con itself so shoewear was definitely important.

    I myself brought three pairs of shoes which is a huge deal for me as usually I pack no shoes and just wear my most useful bland pair the whole time.

  4. Thanks. And good for you! It is all about the shoes.

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