Traveling With Femmes – Episode The Second

Arriving in the room everyone began to unpack themselves in preparation for our five night stay. I personally am a very messy and just throw it on a chair kind of unpacker. Then the toiletries came out. Now I bring what I consider the bare essentials – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant & lotion. This is soooo not the case with my roomies. I walked into the bathroom and there on the counter were things that I had no name for. I stared at the bathroom counter and the myriad of colors and shapes before me, then down at the four items in my hands.

I walked back out into the room and set my toiletries on one of the side tables.


2 responses to “Traveling With Femmes – Episode The Second

  1. You’re just jealous! Hee!

  2. Jackie:
    I fear that I will soon pick up the tendencies from you and start traveling with things like astringent and moistrurizing masks! The Horror!

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