WisCon Day 3

It’s been over a week since WisCon and while I’m still going through withdrawals I’ve forgotten a lot of the nuances of what happened so I’m just going to hit the major points.

Saturday was the day of the Coffeeklatch (People Against We-Sha-Sha!*) and it went fantastically! Much props to Tempest for the planning and execution.  We all discussed our secret plans for world domination…*cough* I mean had coffee and cake!

By then it was almost time for my first panel of the con and the only one I was moderating, Captain Jack’s Big Gay Torchwood. This was one of the panels I didn’t feel went that well, I wanted it to be a very fun but also thinky panel but I think there were a couple of people on the panel who just wanted to squee and gush about how cute Jack and Ianto are together. In fact one member came prepared to derail the discussion if it got too serious (too serious for who?) which really kinda raised my hackles. Maybe she didn’t mean it that way but it came across as her deciding the panel was gonna go her way no matter what, it just stank of privilege. 

So yeah I brought up the devaluing of women’s sexuality throughout the series and the way that they aren’t allowed to have the same experiences of their male counterparts. The invisibility of “the lesbian” in the show was another thing that was brought up and how casting Jack as an alien allows some folks to detach and not address the sexuality of the character directly (the same thing that happens with all the POC on Stargate being aliens, but that’s a post for another time). And Jackie piped up from the audience and brought up the problem with terming some of the kisses on the show “gay kisses”, which is that it sets up the default as all kisses are straight. The problem for me is that I felt like we didn’t really get to the meat of any of the issues because we kept getting somewhat derailed by people saying “ohhh so hot”, “oooh so pretty” but whatever.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur, I know I attended some panels and they were probably super but nothing that really stuck out at me.  

I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss the Carl Brandon Society Party which I’m pretty sure happened on Saturday Night. Now first of all CBS put on the Opening Ceremonies on Friday evening which were a great big filk sing-along! There were songs about how WisCon was made for you and me, about each Guest of Honor, about all the good food that surrounded WisCon (I can attest to this!) and finally best of all Nisi Shawl’s filk song “Filk Music Ain’t Got No Soul”. It was a lot of fun and laughs were had all around.

Anyways on Saturday it was up to the CBS party where I drank C-52’s (B-52 with a M&M in it, C stand for Carl) renewed my membership, donated to the Octavia Butler Scholarship and ran into old friends and we talked about everything from the society itself to books that we had liked in the recent year. Then there was wandering from party to party until the crowded atmosphere became to much for us.

The night ended as I think all of mine did this WisCon, sitting in the bar with friends I only see once a year shooting the shit and getting hammered. By which I mean it was a very good time.  

Next up: WisCon Days 4, 5 & 5 1/2

Currently Reading: Changeling by Delia Sherman

*We-Sha-Sha has become shorthand, among certain folks, for the objectification/exotification of POC & cultural appropriation, pretendianism in particular. It’s origin is with Cassie Edwards, the romance novelist who the blog “Smart Bitches, Trashy Books” revealed was plagiarising chunks of her books from various other sources. Now a lot of her books have to do with the old west and a white woman being kidnapped by Native Americans only to join the group and fall in love with a Native man or some similar bit of a outdated trope. Plus they all have titles like “Savage Love”, “Savage Moon”, “Savage Bloodthirsty Native Man – Fear The Brown Folks!” okay so I made the last one up but you get the point. In one of these novels the heroine has super curly red hair but she talks about how she uses a special herb called we-sha-sha to darken and straighten her hair so she can fit in more with her adopted Native peoples. So yeah, People Against We-Sha-Sha! I even have a button 🙂

4 responses to “WisCon Day 3

  1. The invisibility of “the lesbian” in the show was another thing that was brought up and how casting Jack as an alien allows some folks to detach and not address the sexuality of the character directly

    I actually found this pretty troubling in the 2nd season. While the writing has gotten better… Jack doesn’t seem to get to be a character anymore, instead just a vehicle, which imo helps to further distance him from his sexuality. Also, I was bothered by the lack of lesbian in this season, and a friend of mine felt that Tosh kept getting screwed over, then did the pious Asian thing (possibly racism? in my Torchwood?)

    if there’s a 3rd season, it better be… better than this one.

  2. Meep:
    I think that’s very true about Jack except for the last couple episodes where I felt we got some important backstory he seemed to only be their for his relationship with Ianto as opposed to the first season where he was more of a driving force behind each episode. As for Tosh, yeah there were a lot of things they did with her that fell into Asian stereotypes really heavily. Her death was a two-sided coin for me ’cause on one hand there are now no characters of color on the show at all, Susie and Tosh (both Women of Color) died horribly on screen whereas Owen got that whiteout or something, so it’s actually somewhat concievable that he could come back. The other side of me was like, ‘Good, at least now they won’t keep fucking her up and letting her fall into the whole meek, genius Asian woman stereotype’ (like Miko on SGA). Le sigh.

    Torchwood has been renewed for a 3rd season but it’s only going to be 5 hours long, more a mini-series than anything else. A long overarching story that will be shown over one week in the UK.

  3. By chance I just came across this


    and thought of your post and of we-sha-sha!

    “For the White poets
    who would be Indian

    just once
    just long enough
    to snap up the words
    fish-hooked from
    our tongues.
    You think of us now
    when you kneel
    on the earth,
    turn holy
    in a temporary tourism
    of our souls.

    With words
    you paint your faces,
    chew your doeskin…..”

    Uh oh I feel that book buying urge coming upon me!

  4. badgerbag:
    Oooh I love that. I feel the book-buying urge as well. I think you should buy and then I’ll borrow them from you 😀

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