Comic Review – Therefore Repent

This is one of the things I picked up at WisCon32, Therefore Repent a comic independantly released in Canada, then by IDW in the US is the joint work of Jim Monroe (an author who left a deal at Harper Collins to DIY publish his following books, you can read up on his experiences and Indie publishing in general at his blog/website: ) & Salgood Sam (you can see his amazing artwork and list of credits on his website:

The comic takes place in Chicago, post-Rapture. That’s right people have floated bodily in sky leaving great squats just readily available for the punks, dykes, unbelievers and radicals left behind, like Raven and Mummy. That’s not all though because those that have been left behind have started exhibiting amazing abilities: making it snow, rain or thunder, healing, distant-seeing, ethernet capabilities, and on and on. But even that’s not all because occasionally para-military angels descend and gun down anyone using these abilities. How can you not be interested yet?

There’s a great balance in this comic, the relationship between Raven & Mummy is well contrasted to the overall mystery of why the rapture happened and what the angels want. Neither one feels rushed or less important than the other and neither feels boring through the novel. The pace of the story keeps you interested throughout and there are just enough mysteries that you can’t help but want the comic to be longer. All the Chicago supernaturals are being hunted by the angels and hiding out but when Raven’s old friend Lilith, a demonic adept rolls into town well lets just say things are never the same. I can’t go into too much detail without giving away the whole bag but I will say that this is one of the few comics I’ve read that had an actual twist at the end that I was not expecting. The situation and the things that were left open literally blew me away.

So yes! Totally recommended, pick it up as soon as you can and while you’re at it pick up the prequel, Monroe’s indie published novel “An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil” which gives you backstory on Raven, Mummy and Lilith. I haven’t read it yet but in a pleasant bit of chance it turns out I picked it up at WisCon32 and then forgot about it until I opened my box of books and there it was lying on top. It was kind of hilarious because I’d intended to order the book when I got my next paycheck but now I don’t have too. For those saying “How could you forget you bought the book?” Well I bought 49 books at WisCon looking through the box I had forgotten over half of them.


2 responses to “Comic Review – Therefore Repent

  1. Cool. I’ve been meaning to check that comic out, and your review is another reason to.

  2. Willow:
    I would say definitely pick it up, I thought it had some really interesting characters and a kickass storyline that leaves it open but somehow satisfies me as well.

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