WisCon Day 5

The last official day of WisCon began with a whimper. With aches in my body and bank account Jackie and I headed down to the People of Color Wrap-Up/Breakfast. We were late because we read the time of the flyer wrong but there was still a good amount of folks there.

Then it was time for, you guessed it, more shopping! Thankfully there wasn’t much I wanted that was still available (that I hadn’t already bought). Then it was off to the Author Sign-Out which had amazing authors everywhere and where I got a bunch of my books signed. The book signing at WisCon is so different from books signings elsewhere because for four days you’ve already interacted with a bunch of the authors. They are fellow con-goers, just regular folks that you’ve argued with or sided with all weekend. So unlike bookstore signings there’s a lot of talking with the authors and laughing and joking around. Sometimes it makes for long waits but you also get to really talk to authors and funny little things happen like Ellen Kusher recommending me a series of YA based in Axum and writing the author on the inside cover of her book so I wouldn’t forget.

So I got signatures from a bunch of folks and when I was getting my copy of Acacia signed by David Anthony Durham, who I got to hang out with a bit during the Con and he asked where my name was from. I told him it was Ethiopian and he asked to use it in the next book in the series. I agreed (of course!) and as I was walking to my next author he called out “I’ll do my best to keep your namesake alive.” which cracked me up, the whole POC always die thing. So yes, look for the character Naamen in the sequel to Acacia!

Then of course there was more drinking to close out the convention and stumbling to bed.

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