Can’t…Think… Doctor Who Has Hijacked My Brain

Okay I wish I could give y’all some kind of thinky-smart-ranty post ’cause there haven’t been anmy this week and I’m in a space where I think I could and I have a couple in the draft stages. But being completely honest all I can think about is this:


I cannot stop squeeing and being excited about this. No. Seriously. The whole casts from The Sarah Jane Adventures (which I must finish watching before this episode) and Torchwood plus Martha, Rose, Jackie and Mickey returning! I’m way too excited by this, I realize that but really deep down I’m nothing but a geek and I revel in that fact.

And before anyone starts, yes I know all about the issues of race on each of these shows, after all I watch them. I know Russell T. Davies seems to have major issues with folks of Color, Mickey – bumbling buffoon,
Martha – competent med student to pathetic love sick who walks the world to bring the white mans name to folks,
Kelsey (only on the pilot of TSJA) – hyper-sexed, loud and sassy black girl,
Clyde – loud, obnoxious, arrogant,
Tosh – pathetic character only useful when you need her pathetically in love with someone, Suzie – died in first ep of Torchwood,
continuing and consistent appeareance brown folks in episodic roles as servants for the most part.

Those are a gross oversimplification of most of the characters (except Kelsey, b/c really that’s all she was) but I just wanted to show that I am aware of the issues in all these shows and when I watch I also critique but I love them all the same. As conscious watchers we are all required to see things we don’t like, it’s impossible to watch mainstream TV otherwise, and we all must make decisions on which shows we can handle and which ones we can’t. These shows do enough interesting things with plots and characters I love despite the characterization (Martha, Mickey, Tosh, Jackie, Francine) that I can watch, be entertained and critique the issues at the same time.

I’m also aware of the issues with women on the shows, especially mothers and the way they’re always portrayed as spiteful harridans who’re loud, annoying and don’t understand (the mother of all the Doctors companions plus Maria’s mother in TSJA). Although I ended up liking Jackie and Francine a whole lot (and hope Francine also makes an appearance in the last two eps of the series) I know they’re not supposed to be read that way really. We’re not supposed to like them, well maybe Jackie later in Series 2, but overall they’re meant to be read as interferring and troublesome. I could get into Turn Left and the race and gender issues in that episode alone

So yes I’m aware of all these issues and more around race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, etc. but I’m still super-excited about this finale in a way I never though I would be again for a Doctor Who finale after the sucktastic last episode of Series 3’s three-parter.

But I mean, who doesn’t like the inevitable Marvel Heroes Team-Up, when everyone is so distraught and sure they’re gonna die (see above clip, and damn Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) is working her acting chops off in that clip isn’t she?) and then they all either start fighting on their own despite the odds or the Doctor contacts them and they do the whole meeting strategizing thing. Or maybe they gather on their own w/o the Doctor, or Donna does it – either of these options would be true awesomesauce but anyway it happens, it happens and they end up fighting the Daleks as a fantastic angry team!

Sweet Jebus I am so there! I’m just angry that I’ll have to wait a week to see the second part. Stolen Earth airs on BBC One on June 28th and the second part Journey’s End will air on July 5th. There’s been rumors that one of the reunited companions dies in the last episode since the beginning of this series and if you listened to them at all you know who’s gonna bite it. If it’s who I think it is I’m sad, not as devastated as I could be but sad all the same.

ETA: I just read Wikipedia and Francine will be appearing! But it looks like Clyde and Maria (TSJA) will not which does make me a little sad but whatevs! Francine! It also looks like Jackie and Mickey won’t be appearing until Journey’s End but still they’ll be there!


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