Yesterday I was laid low some horrible stomach thing so I stayed at home curled in a ball around my twisty-painfilled-stomach. I’m better today still a little nauseaus and my throat is sore as all get out – from praying to the porcelain god – but I’m back at work. Low energy so today I’m focusing on some other stuff I have to get done.

For the latest in the the Sanders/Helix farcas go here:


2 responses to “Recovering

  1. Wow, the Sanders quote in the comments there is horrifying. I keep thinking he can’t do something worse, and then he does.

  2. Willow Fagan-
    I now imagine him as some weird throwback troll who sits in his cave chortling over his own brilliance not realizing that most people are looking at him like he’s a rabid, bigotted 8 year-old with control issues.

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