Media Friday! 7-18-2008

Thank Jebus it’s Friday y’all, ’cause this week has been the longest ever. It felt like a month. I suspect some sort of warp in the fabric of space-time. So I’m thinking of making my Friday posts all about the media where I post videos or pictures or whatever.

Now many here may not now it but there are certain reality shows that I love (only a few! I can’t help it). At the top of my list is So You Think You Can Dance. My two favorite dances from this week:

Twitch & Comfort – HipHop

Will & Katee – Pas de Deux

And for all you genre fans out there, here’s the trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen. For those who don’t know Watchman is a 12 issue mini-series comic, released in the U.K. in 1986/1987 largely thought to be one of the best graphic novels ever. I have major issues with the comic to the point that I have never re-read the story after that first time. These issues have to do with blatant sexism, queerism and racism that thread through the work. I don’t want to spoil anyone but it’s a seriously problematic book. The thing that saves it is the crazy ass political leanings of the characters and the way everything plays out. Moore does fuckedupedness well I just wish the comics weren’t so damn problematic and traumitizing!  

That being said many American comic writers/artists decided to break with the comics code and do their own think after seeing the dark, gritty, real world of Watchmen. It truly made a lot of the “adult” comics I love today possible.

It’ll be interesting to see if the adaptation gets as dark as the comic, which is pretty damn dark. The movie’s not out until March 2009.


2 responses to “Media Friday! 7-18-2008

  1. Moore typically falls into the failing of having women characters exist solely to be witnesses to the male character’s big wah-wah life philosophy wanks. There’s also the fact that Laurie exists solely as an accessory to the male characters, and the rape storyline is WTF.

    Though I love a lot of the story-within-a-story stuff he does with this, what I mostly wrestle with is that it’s a story of three competing, messed up philosophies – unbending beliefs wrapped up as morality (Rorshach), complete amorality through following orders (The Comedian) and benevolent fascism (Veidt).

  2. bankuei-
    Yeah the whole rape storyline is the one that truly broke me for days afterwards, plus the implication of consentual sex later? WTF?!?

    I think politically he does some really interesting shit and that he’s come a long way since Watchmen but he still has a lot of these issues in Promethea (to a far less degree though), which I love but still overall I’d rather kick back with some Artesia.

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