Resolution For Helix Authors

Ithe wake of the horrifyingly unprofessional bigoted comments of Helix editor William Sanders there was a lot of talk on what authors could do if they no longer wanted to be associated with Helix because of Sanders official comments. A few folks requested their stories be removed and we saw what happened there. Another suggestion was re-posting the stories elsewhere, since Helix’s contract is non-exclusive internet rights, and changing links to point to the new location. So it’s been announced today that a group of both current and former Helix published authors have set up an alternative website to archive Helix fiction – Transcriptase

The Current Author List-
Elizabeth Barrette
Beth Bernobich
Maya Bohnhoff
Eugie Foster
Sara Genge
Samantha Henderson
Janis Ian
N.K. Jemisin
Vylar Kaftan
Ann Leckie
Yoon Ha Lee
Margaret Ronald
Jennifer Pelland
Vaughan Stanger
Rachel Swirsky

Go check out the stories, it’s what I’ll be doing.


4 responses to “Resolution For Helix Authors

  1. Thank you for the networking assist! We’re pleased that people are talking about Transcriptase.

  2. Well, I’m sorry that Mr. Sanders was so arrogant and obnoxious to me when he started the magazine that I never sent him any of my work, which he surely would have rejected. I just had to settle for him rejecting my friend’s work and treating him like crap instead of me.

    I wish I did have work to pull, and put on Transcriptase. However, of all my friends and others I don’t know – courage and more power to you.

  3. Silver linings ahoy!

  4. Amy Sterling Casil-
    I’m sorry to hear about the way Sanders treated your friend but that really seems to be his MO. I mean his actions have shown him to not only be a bigot but also unprofessional in the extreme.

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