Posts around here will grow a little more scarce than usual in the coming weeks as I concentrate all my energy on moving across the bay and starting grad school – I feel a curious mix of excitement and nausea. I won’t be disappearing but I don’t know if the one-post a day route is going to work while all this is going on.  I’ll still post often it just won’t be as often as it has been over the last few months, probably more like 2-3 posts a week as opposed to 4-5.

All this packing for a move has clearly given me a severe case of wool-brain since I forgot to mention that the final round of voting in the Feminist SF Top Ten Obscure Works Poll ends tomorrow night! Here’s the post with the covers of the Top 24 books and here is the post with the link to the poll. Go vote!

6 responses to “Forgetting

  1. Amazing blog you’ve got going on here. Good luck on your move and with school! Speaking of moving, thank you for putting in a good word for me with Jess :)!

  2. Grad school? Moving?? Missed this obviously somehow, but congratulations! That’s awesome!

  3. Ah, the eucalyptus.

  4. Grad school? [Must.Suppress.Jealousy]

    Okay, jealousy suppressed. Congratulations! Good luck! Grad school is tremendously hard work: make sure you pace yourself, okay? The two great risks are 1) burning yourself out by burning candles at both ends, 2) getting distracted into the lotos-eating state of OMG!Books!Books!More Books! and becoming a perpetual student, until people forget that you weren’t always there and entire lifetimes, even ages of history may pass while you forget what it was that you started the Quest for in the first place.

    –At least, both of these have happened to grad students of my acquaintance; I cannot speak from direct experience, alas…


  5. Tommy-
    Thanks! No problem, glad you found a place.

    vito excalibur-
    Thanks! I’m excited and nervous.

    Eucalyptus, huh?

  6. bellatrys-
    Thanks! I know I’m in supreme danger of number 1 as I’m one of those people who takes on a lot because I don’t want to pass any opportunity by but for now I’m pretty sure I can handle it. The expense of thsi program makes number 2 very unlikely, if I was at my undergrad school it would be a definite danger but this place is way too much a year.

    Would it help to suppress the jealousy if I let you know that it took me a very looooong time to complete my undergrad? It’s only within like the last 2 years that I’ve gotten drive to actually do things like apply to grad school.

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