Media Friday – Masia One

Masia One is a Chinese-Canadian rapper who I believe is pretty well-known in Canada.  In fact she was the first female rapper to be nominated for “Best Rap Video” in the MuchMusic Video Awards, which from what I can tell are like our MTV VMAs.

I became aware of her back in March during the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival when her video “Return of the B-girl” was shown during the Music Video showing which included musicians of Asian descent from America, Canada, Britain, HK and elsewhere. I was an instant fan and I thought I should share a few of her videos since she’s virtually unknown in America which is truly a shame.

Split Second Time

Return of the B-girl (which includes actual all-female breaking teams)


3 responses to “Media Friday – Masia One

  1. Wow. Thanks for this. I haven’t heard of her (and neither had my son, who is over visiting). I particularly like Split Second TIme.

  2. Kate-
    I’m glad you like it! She really needs to get a lot more play in the U.S. than she’s getting because she’s an awesome rapper who’s not degrading and problematic in her lyrics.

  3. Thanks so much for posting these – they ROCKED!

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