Genius Wins!!!!

So remember my post about the Comic – Genius?

It actually was one of the two winners, it will be made into a regular series! I can’t wait for the second issue even a little bit. So exciting! Maybe those who pick up the comic and don’t know what institutionalized racism and classism look like and work will learn at least a little something.

People like the one who wrote this comment on my blog today in response to my original post on the comic. His name is Radolpho but I like to call him – Poor Little Klan Boy

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You sir, are the most ill informed moron proudly displaying a chasm on your shoulder. We all get it your black, you lived/live in the ghetto, your tryin to make a name for yourself, but its hard for a nigga right? Whity always tryin to keep you down? and the Popo just addin to da heat yamean? Maybe, if you weren’t speeding with a 40 in your left hand and a trunk full of fresh crack you were about to sell, after robbing a 7-11, the cops wouldn’t be “in your rear view”, and maybe if you didn’t get out of the care tryin to be a spike lee super hero wavin your gat saying “dis injustics nigga” the cops wouldn’t take aim, and maybe, just maybe, if you didn’t aim your gat at them the cops wouldn’t feel a profound enough need to live that they pump your sorry ass full of tax paid lead. But dont take my word for it, I was just a white kid from inner city Baltimore, who was beat up, stolen from, and otherwise humiliated on a daily basis only for being white. If you dont want the LAPD to kill
you, stop acting like the people in this trash comic, and maybe they wont need to.

Yes, every black person deals crack and has a gat. Yes every black person steals and has shoot outs with the police (plus we sings and dances real good!). You haven’t internalized the stereotypes you see on tv at all. You haven’t judged an entire race on your interactions as a child, where a lot of us were bullied for being other. Oh no you are clear and fresh as a daisy with no chip on your shoulder at all. In fact I don’t understand why you’re not running for president right now!


11 responses to “Genius Wins!!!!

  1. “His name is Radolpho but I like to call him – Poor Little Clan Boy”


  2. What’s funny is that in his attempt to show how “down” he is, he mixes 3 different localities of hood dialect, across several time periods, which only works if you’re getting your “I know Black People 101” from BET and MTV.

    I suspect many of his beatings weren’t because he was white, but because he was a white supremacist…

  3. Bankuei, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume he was beaten because he was a white supremacist. I grew up in South Carolina. After switching from a relatively racially diverse elementary school with several multiracial kids of Asian descent to one with only black and white kids, the black kids at my new school made my life HELL.

    Every single day, black kids made fun of my Asian eyes, made fun of the way Asian people spoke, called me “Pekingnese” like the dog, surrounded me on the playground, and generally bullied and demeaned me so much that I dreaded going to school every day. I didn’t do anything. My only crime was looking different. The sad fact is that some people really do become racist because of horrible interactions with people of another ethnicity and not just because of stereotypes they see on TV.

    When you spend so much of your young life as a target of abuse of any kind, sadly, the natural reaction isn’t empathy but perpetuating the cycle as an abuser yourself. If it weren’t for the fact that my father is also black and that my mother saw the signs of some serious hatred brewing in me because of what I experienced, I could very easily have grown up hating black people like the white boy from Baltimore.

  4. I dunno Tommy. Whether benchwarming-rate clan boy was beaten up because he’s a white supremacist, in whatever sense, 0r just for being white neither changes nor excuses his bullshitting and racism.

  5. Hey Tommy,

    while I get anyone can get beat on for being the different one (I was the chinese kid at several mostly black schools), and that it’s easy to become hateful after being picked on, it also says a lot if you’re in a neighborhood and haven’t made any friends or seen that people aren’t homogenous.

    The fact that this guy is referencing media for his understanding of the people he grew up with pretty much tells me how much he bothered trying to connect to any of them in any way. Which is also a pretty good indicator of how he probably handled himself while being bullied.

    My compassion is extremely limited for folks who grow up, no matter how abused, and advocate police violence as a tool of genocide, as a means of silencing POC voices.

  6. I have to wonder if he’s part of SCAD’s Sequential Art program.

  7. Really!

    Genius Wins? Alright!
    I had a idea somewhat like Genius, so I’m kinda bumped about not being the first to tell it but also happy about it. I want to see how this story goes on.

    On the clan-dude….


    It’s so typical, I sometimes forget to reaction.

  8. Ico-
    I wish I could take all the credit for that turn of phrase because I love it so and it makes me laugh just thinking about it but really it was my friend JB who said it when I read the comment aloud to her.

    I really have to wonder at his intelligence level for using the school computers to spew his hate.

    Angry Lemon-
    I know I saw the comment and I was like, “Really this is the best you can come up with?” Not shocking or really original as far as insults go.
    I had a idea somewhat like Genius, so I’m kinda bumped about not being the first to tell it but also happy about it.
    Don’t you hate it when that happens. I know sometimes I’ll be reading something and am like “Damn! That sounds so much like the short story I have in my head! Someone got there first!”

  9. Tommy-
    I understand where you’re coming from with that because though it’s not the same thing I was always and forever called an “oreo” and pretty harshly bullied for liking to read sci-fi and being into alternative and all that kind of stuff. But I do think that Bankuei is right about white supremacy (either subtle racism taught by the family or internalized from society in general, which we all do without conscious thought) being involved in Radolpho’s case. When it happened I never assumed all black people were like that because I had other connections in the black community through my family (even though a large number of them teased me to) and friends.

    I think it’s part of the idea that POC are some sort of monolith, when folks are picked on by white people very few go on to think “Well all white folks are like this so I hate them all!” but it happened to POC all the time. I saw it when I was called for jury duty, people saying things like “Well the defendant is a black woman and a year ago three black women broke into my car so I don’t like them at all now.” and it just rocked me to the core because how often if ever do you here that about white folks.

    Plus the fact is you don’t feel that way now, you learned things and moved on from there. It’s the fact that when your mother talked to you – you were willing to take it in and reevaluate what was happening in your head whereas this commenter is in college now and is still relying on bad interactions as a child to inform his opinion of a whole race, he’s learned nothing at all in the ensuing years. I mean I don’t doubt that children treated him badly but that’s what children do no matter their ethnicity – children can be cruel as fuck but to use it as justification for spewing things like above just does not fly with me at all.

  10. I finally got my hands on “Genius” #1 and was delighted to see that the rest of the book lived up to the sample pages.

    I was especially delighted by the subtle and clever techniques used to render the thought processes of a genius character into a visual medium the audience could experience. The watermarked equations are nice, but I also like the use of chalk-markings (as done in planning football plays).

    Also the cultural references are gratifying. *chuckle* I wonder how many of the overly entitled people whining about this comic even know who Bobby Fisher is?

  11. Elizabeth Barrette –
    The chalk-markings were amazing I really loved the details of her sitting on the stoop watching the boys playing basketball and knowing all their moves before they made them. I thought it was very well thought out and presented in a way that everyone could understand.

    I loved the Bobby Fisher reference and all the other references imbedded in the work and not explained – this attitude of “If you get it you get it if not, oh well”. Also I love that she has a female best friend in Chavonne who is also a fighter.

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