Awesome Site – Check It Out!

My friend the angry black woman has started a new website called Corner Beauty Shop– a virtual gathering place for all Women of Color to talk about beauty. The All About Us page states clearly:

The Corner Beauty Shop is a virtual gathering place for Women of Color (WOC) to talk about the things that matter to them with other women who share the same or similar background.  We can all commiserate over the difficulty in finding makeup for our skin tone, or the trauma of transitioning from processed hair to natural, or not being able to find clothes that fit because designers only have one “typical” body shape in mind.

Here we’re going to talk about products and fashion and makeup and stores.  We’ll praise who we like and dog the mess out of the rest.  There’s no need to walk on eggshells at the beauty shop.

Here’s something the fashion and beauty industry needs to understand: we don’t need an “Ethnic Aisle”.  Sure, products made for Black, Asian, Native, or Latina women are great.  But aren’t some of them good for non-ethnic women, too?  And don’t some of those “mainstream” products work just as well on dry, oily, or combination skin no matter what the skin tone?  In other words: we’re not interested in being marketed to as if we’re a niche.  What we want to know is will this product work for us?  Will these pants fit?  Do you only use WOC models for the ads going in Essence and on BET?  Do you think about WOC at all?

This is the Corner Beauty Shop, and the ladies within will have something to say about all of that.

Let me tell you why I think this is such an awesome site. First of all it’s an aesthetically gorgeous site, love the picture up top and the layout, easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Secondly it’s a site that’s needed, there are thousands of sites where people try to sell beauty products to WOC but very few were WOC can gather to discuss the things that worry and affect them when dealing with haircare, make-up, clothing, etc. Thirdly I love that it’s all WOC as opposed to focused on a specific ethnicity because I think those sites already exist and I see this as community building across racial lines in spite of the white supremacist patriarchal society that would love WOC to remain silent. So I say right on.

A last note Non-WOC are allowed to participate but we must remember THIS IS NOT ABOUT US it is about WOC and if you have something valid to contribute go right ahead but don’t make it about your issues, your interactions or your feelings because (and this cannot be reiterated enough) IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! Check out The Rules section for more on this.


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