I Voted Today! Did You? Will You?

So I have done my civic duty this grey morn and tonight my teacher has decided to have CNN’s live update projected onto the class wall so we can see what’s up.

If you don’t plan to vote today (and are in AMerica of course) then I give you the finger waggle of shame.

Yes it will busy (longest I’ve had to wait to vote ever) and crowded and some of the folks in line with you may leer or smell of tequila at 7A.M. but this is your democratic process and your country. You have to live here, and have to abide with the people in charge. The only reason I can think to not vote is that you’re planning a coup of the government to install either a more strict military regime or a socialist, flower in every orifice, hips pumping into empty air era. In those cases I could understand why you might not vote if you’re sure your revolt will come to pass but if you’re not absolutely sure that by this time next year you’ll be ruling with an iron fist or a soft, fleshy heart full of love then you should really vote. And hell even if you’re 100% sure you should still vote ’cause you have to live with whoever’s chosen too, at least until your strategically placed, hypnotized, living-zombies in the current regime come online.

So in summary – VOTE! or take over the world with zombies whichever seems easier.


9 responses to “I Voted Today! Did You? Will You?

  1. That socialist revolution sounds good about now.

  2. Voted early in the morn, woke late in the evening and was happy. And I totally don’t have an army of invisible robots and anyone who claims otherwise is a filthy liar…

  3. I voted absentee some weeks ago because I was a poll worker. We (my son and I) got released from the poll, and got in the car and turned on the radio JUST as Obama walked out onto stage for his victory speech. Sweet! I cried. just incredible.

  4. banhuei-
    I’m always down with a good socialist revolution…especially ones that include humping the air.

  5. LurkerWithout-
    Yeah overall I’m very happy with the results and excited about our government in a way I haven’t been for a long ass time. Also…Ooooh invisible robots *grabby hands*

  6. Kate-
    My class totally let out early and we all swung to the Parkway (a movie theater with couches, pizza and beer) to watch the acceptance speech on the big screen and I actually got choked up during it which has never happened to me before. But I actually felt hopeful about a gov’t employee and that’s a rare thing.

    Also Hawaii’s huge margin for Obama, along with D.C.’s entertains me to no end.

  7. As a black man, I’m thrilled that the campaign of fear and hate against Obama ultimately failed. But as a gay man, I’m hurt and upset that not only did the marriage ban in California pass, similar ballot initiatives passed in Florida and Arizona, in addition to an adoption ban in Arkansas. Somehow I’m a threat to heterosexual marriage *and* kids. It’s a bittersweet day for me.

  8. I hear you, Tommy. I am *so* disappointed in California. I’m sadly not surprised by Florida or Arizona, but California? WTF?

  9. At this point, I’m liking zombies. i mean, Obama can stick around, but I sort of want to take over California. 😦

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