Late 90’s/Early 00’s Music Vid Post

So my iPod is currently being fixed so I’ve had to fall back onto a cd player and my 500 strong CD collection. So the snag if I haven’t actually bought a physical CD in about three or four years so I’m listening to stuff that are flashbacks to younger days and my musical tastes of way back when. So I wanted to put a few of the songs out there in remembrance for a time when I loved them and felt so connected to these songs. But as a sidenote? Being without an iPod sucks! Not only do I not have a lot of the more recent music I’ve been listening to but I also have a smaller pool of songs to choose from (although come to think of it this would be a good time to weed out some music from my iPod that I never listen to) its a little scary how addicted we become to things that add convenience to our lives, I mean can you remember life without a cell phone?
*shiver of fear*
On that chilling note, here are some of the songs I’ve rediscovered over the last three days without my Ipod.

Regine Velasquez – You’ve Made Me Stronger

Mya – Case of the Ex

Joydrop – Sometimes Wanna Die

Keith Sweat – Twisted

Beth Hart – LA Song

Bright Eyes – A Perfect Sonnet

Fiona Apple – The First Taste

Heather Nova – London Rain


One response to “Late 90’s/Early 00’s Music Vid Post

  1. Hey!

    Interesting blog! Sometimes I love flicking through my old CD’s and having awesome flashbacks to the later 90’s… Good taste in music too!


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