Quick Anti-Racist Note #2

White allies do not pretend that what they said did not matter and is in the past. Listen, I’m a child of the 90’s I am all about repression and selective memory around things but it doesn’t work if you’re trying to be an ally to any cause. You can’t gloss over stupid things that you said, reactions you had to people, ignoring moments of racefail because that’s not being an ally. You cannot truly be involved in anti-racism if you refuse to acknowledge your own moments of racism (this goes for all anti-oppression work, you can’t fight sexism/heterosexism/classism/ablism/etc. without being aware and working on your own lapses). If you want to do those things, that’s your choice and right but don’t call yourself an ally or try and trade on a reputation for understanding oppression because it’s obvious you don’t.

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