Another Round of Comment Mock


Seems like your a racist bitter person

Okay this comment is in reference to this post – Anime/Manga Characters =/= White. Now I’ve re-read the post and I really need someone to explain how I’m the racist there. Now I’m assuming most of us are beyond Race 101 and know that racism = privilege + power. Now while it could certainly be argued that I’m privileged in my blog because I control what is said I hardly have the societal power to stop you from starting your own blog and linking to me while calling me an idiot. I don’t have any kind of institutionalized power to swing around in that situation.

So let’s give “asf” the benefit of a temporary bout of stupidity and assume that he or she meant that I was prejudiced within that post.

Okay I’m still not seeing it.

What I called out was a very particular attitude that I’ve seen in certain white people within the anime community. Does that mean that all white people into anime have a skeezy fetishization slant to their vision? No, of course not – some do, some don’t but I don’t see calling out an attitude steeped in stereotypes and privilege as being bitter or racist myself. These attitudes still exist all over the world and calling them out is the only way to make them disappear in my opinion. Oh,  and that old tactic of silencing by flipping the script and calling me racist? That ain’t gonna work here, ’cause I know what racism is “asf” and that post wasn’t it.


One response to “Another Round of Comment Mock

  1. ROFL! *You’re* a racist, bitter person? Oh my my, well the rest of us must just be downright eeeevil because I really can’t think of a blogger who’s more thoughtful and just plain nice in his posts than you, Naamen.

    Thanks for posting this person’s comment. Gave me a giggle. 😀

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