More Details On Manifesto Reading!

Poetry may be for lovers, and stories for children, but what form of writing wants to speak to us all? Reaches out to grab us by the collar and shake us until we listen?

The Manifesto!

The Bay Area has never been short of political/artistic fervor, and we’ll
be bringing you classic examples from around the world and brand
new statements about How Things Should Be, along with audience
participation at the Manifesto! show at for SF in Exile, May 1st at Modern Times Bookstore, 7pm.

Naamen Tilahun
Annalee Newitz
Danny O’Brien
Nick Mamatas
Liz Henry
Steven Schwartz
Zuleikha Mahmood

declaim the juiciest and most rabble rousing bits from:  The SCUM Manifesto, The Futurist Manifesto, The Bitch Manifesto, The Femme Shark Manifesto, the Dadaist and Provo manifestos, and more!

So, come, listen, and get hit by the shrapnel of the War of Ideas!
SF in Exile – Manifesto!
May 1, 2009
7pm- 9pm  (door at 6:30)
Modern Times Bookstore
888 Valencia Street, San Francisco


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