Manifesto! 2/5 – Not The Marrying Kind: Statements…

I understand that marriage is a prison, has a historical basis in silencing women and trading them like pieces of chattel and that a mere fifty years of “change” or transgressive reinterpretations can in no way wipe out a history of oppression and inequality stretching back centuries.
I understand that the main point of marriage and its popularity through the ages comes from the act of binding a woman’s sexuality to one man thereby ensuring any children she gives birth to are legitimate heirs. This is linked to capitalism and the accumulation of individual male wealth as well as patriarchy and male dominance in general as we can see through history that groups with matrilineal inheritance placed much less importance on marriage or monogamy. 
I believe that marriage is in fact a religious sacrament, no matter what else you say about it, and as such has no place whatsoever within the context of the laws of the United States of America which hypocritically mouths off about the separation of church and state. Marriage is so inextricably linked with religion that the words “civil marriage” are an oxymoron.
I understand that the concept of marriage, through societal pressure and media representation, implies and enforces rigid gender roles and stereotypes that no amount of discourse or critique has been able to dispel, this has to do with marriage being an intrinsically unequal system that will constantly resist attempts to reform its narrative.
I don’t understand why there is such an excessive value placed on this institution by society when the “values” of the institution are constantly being flouted by its biggest proponents. The clinging to a tradition obviously on a slow slide to obsolescent societal death stinks of a desperate oppressor trying to keep one of his major tools in play.

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