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Harold & Kumar are Jewish?

So my last post was going to be my last post of the day but then I saw this from Latoya Peterson over at Racialicious, GQ Writer Compares Harold and Kumar to the Happy-Go-Lucky Negro Caricature. One of the paragraphs she picks out of the article is this*:

Hurwitz and Schlossberg’s trick is to take advantage of all this at the same time they’re turning it inside out. One joke is that the heroes come from two immigrant groups with reps for industrious conformity, not rebellion. Another is that they aren’t slackers: They’re bright college grads on the fast track to success—à la Borat, the clouds of reefer smoke and the actors’ ethnicities barely hide Harold and Kumar’s secret identities as a couple of brainy, affluent Jewish kids who aren’t too unlike, dare I guess, their creators. That just shows how things have changed, since Jewish characters used to have to be disguised as—or in a pinch, played by—goys to keep Middle America buying tickets. Now they’ve got to be passed off as dope-happy Koreans and Indians to avoid looking like juvenile Woody Allens. (emphasis Latoya’s)

Okay, Latoya opened it up for the commentors to tell her what they saw wrong with that statement. Just off the cuff I’m gonna point out the lack of evidence for this assertion after scanning the whole article. He picks up this point and offers absolutely no support for it other than what you see above, that’s just bad writing number one. Number two when we take this paragraph by itself what are the reasons for asserting that Harold and Kumar are Jewish characters disguised by their race? that they come form immigrant groups? that they’re known for conformity? that they’re bright college grads? that they’re brainy? affluent?

If those are the reasons, as we must assume because from the lack of anything else even resembling proof, in fact right after the paragraph above there is a break and he goes on a completely different tangent, complaining about the film making. Every single one of those ideas relies on stereotypes of People of Color and Jewish people. They are insulting to a variety of communities. They seem to work hard to reinforce stereotypes about Jewish folks and Folks of Color.

So all Jewish people are conformists? rebels? brainy? affluent?, way to fall into stereotypes to write an article. Oh, and Folks of Color are what exactly? Unable to be any of those things without being thinly disguised Jewish characters?

Part of the problem of dissecting the comments in the paragraph above is their brevity but what they seem to imply, is not pretty at all and relies on harmful assumptions and hurtful stereotypes. Great example of “journalism”.

*Head over to Racialicious to see another excerpted piece of tripe this was just the one that filled me with indignation as soon as I read it.