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Okay I realize it’s been a while since I posted (and that I’ve said that an awful lot since grad school started) but I am now in finals week so there should be more frequent posting starting next week sometime. Stay tuned – same bat time, same bat channel (it had to be said and it’s possible I’m punchy from lack of sleep).

Busy Times Ahead – Break

Grad school started last night with my Shakespeare class. Must finish packing and move this weekend. Plus deadlines and promises to friends. Will return late next week when I (hopefully) have a little less on my plate.

Writing Day

I have a lot to do by this weekend and need to concentrate on that so I’m declaring it a Writing Day!┬áHave to do┬ásome writing today, back tomorrow.

Currently Reading: Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan

So tired, so busy…

A lot of my time is being taken up with various correspondences right now but I am working on my next post for the Feminst SF Blog. I’ve also begun worldbuilding for the novel I’m going to start soon.

I also need to work on my posts for IBARW (Int’l Blog Against Racism Week). I realize I haven’t talked about race that much here (or have I and I’ve just forgotten because it is an everyday thing for me to talk about race) but it is something I talk about on a regular basis. It affects my life daily, both overt and subversive racism. All the stories I write involve PoC because those are the characters that live inside me. I am a PoC and a colonized person in America it’s something I never forget.

All of this on top of being called for Jury Duty next week. August looks to be insanely busy but I’ll still be posting here regularly (even if it’s only a quick note like this) so don’t worry I’m not disappearing.

And speaking of racism if you haven’t heard about the Jena 6 case, read up on the injustice. And if you want to help there are various things you can do such as donating money to the defense fund here and/or letter writing/calling/signing petitions here. I know better than most that you can’t always contribute financially but there’s always something you can do.

There’s a post/rant coming…

regarding the invisibility of Women of Color in one of my classes. I’ve been busy the last couple days (and will continue to be busy until the end of May) but I’m going to make the effort to post at least every other day.