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Genius Wins!!!!

So remember my post about the Comic – Genius?

It actually was one of the two winners, it will be made into a regular series! I can’t wait for the second issue even a little bit. So exciting! Maybe those who pick up the comic and don’t know what institutionalized racism and classism look like and work will learn at least a little something.

People like the one who wrote this comment on my blog today in response to my original post on the comic. His name is Radolpho but I like to call him – Poor Little Klan Boy

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You sir, are the most ill informed moron proudly displaying a chasm on your shoulder. We all get it your black, you lived/live in the ghetto, your tryin to make a name for yourself, but its hard for a nigga right? Whity always tryin to keep you down? and the Popo just addin to da heat yamean? Maybe, if you weren’t speeding with a 40 in your left hand and a trunk full of fresh crack you were about to sell, after robbing a 7-11, the cops wouldn’t be “in your rear view”, and maybe if you didn’t get out of the care tryin to be a spike lee super hero wavin your gat saying “dis injustics nigga” the cops wouldn’t take aim, and maybe, just maybe, if you didn’t aim your gat at them the cops wouldn’t feel a profound enough need to live that they pump your sorry ass full of tax paid lead. But dont take my word for it, I was just a white kid from inner city Baltimore, who was beat up, stolen from, and otherwise humiliated on a daily basis only for being white. If you dont want the LAPD to kill
you, stop acting like the people in this trash comic, and maybe they wont need to.

Yes, every black person deals crack and has a gat. Yes every black person steals and has shoot outs with the police (plus we sings and dances real good!). You haven’t internalized the stereotypes you see on tv at all. You haven’t judged an entire race on your interactions as a child, where a lot of us were bullied for being other. Oh no you are clear and fresh as a daisy with no chip on your shoulder at all. In fact I don’t understand why you’re not running for president right now!