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Quick Updates –

Writing my suck ass biology papaer right now so I only have time for quick updates.

-The workshop with Mary Anne Mohanraj was absolutely fantastic! Focusing on all of these separate elements in detail really helped me focus on the novel I’m supposed to be writing and get more interested in it. I tend to lose interest in things but writing out scenes from later in the book reinvested me in the world and people. She was a fantabulous teacher and was great to talk with. I wish I had been able to stay and watch her read but I had my first GRE study session.

-The GRE’s are torture devices. I need someone to explain to me why I need to take the math  portion when I intend to go to grad school for Creative Writing or Library Sciences?

-The first teacher I went to ask for a letter of recommendation said yeah! Score! I’ll hit the next one up either tomorrow or next Weds. The other two I have to wait until I finish their classes this semester.

-Working on a post for the Feminist SF Blog (working taking to mean I’ve thought it up and put like 10 words to the page) called: My love affair with the Wicked Queen: How Maleficent and I started our May/December romance.

– Also working (look above for my definition of working) on a longer post to this journal that’s more essayist in nature called: Julia Sugarbaker made me a feminist!

Back to my suckass paper.