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More of me @ Fantasy Magazine!

My second column about SGA is up at Fantasy Magazine right now:

Now this is the point where I and anyone else raised on sci-fi/horror films began to scream, “No don’t do it! Don’t go on the ghost ship!” While on the ship energy begins to build up (”Run, run now! Like the wind fools!”) and in a blink something happens (”You’re screwed.”). They figure out that there’s a drive on board that is jumping them through dimensions rather than space (”See, screwed.”)

Check it out.

Review Up!

My review of Comic Book Tattoo is up at Fantasy Magazine right now:

The reason you should buy this anthology is simple: it’s awesome. The diversity of art styles in the book range from stark lines to photo-realistic to “cartoonish” to the avant-garde. And the plots are just as diverse. Almost every genre is represented — science-fiction, romance, paranormal, dark thriller, fantasy, and slice of life. The true thrill of the book is how none of these differences detract from the stories or seems jarring. They just flow from one to the next until you find yourself on page 300 without realizing it. You don’t go from a story of joy directly into one of pain; instead, you’re led in a slow wave of emotion from depressive to euphoric and everything in between.

Check out the whole review here.

My First Column!

The first edition of my column Crossing Lines is up at Fantasy Magazine. It’s about the Fifth Season Premiere of Stargate Atlantis. Go check it out and comment!

Article Up @ Fantasy Magazine!

My Essay ‘“The Chosen One” vs. The One Who Chooses‘ is up at Fantasy Magazine! In this essay I dissect the general hero tropes in the Harry Potter Series and Zahrah the Windseeker. A total overhaul of a post I did in Feminist SF! over a year ago it reads completely different and is more general and analytical by far than my original post was. Go check it out and let me know what you think!