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Plans…out the window with you!

I had plans to write on Fri. but a friend I hadn’t seen in a while called and asked me over, so I ended up hanging with her all day and just crashing there. No words written. Then today I left her house and immediately headed for Berkeley because M.I.A. was giving a free concert at Amoeba Records.

M.I.A. was f’ing amazing! If you don’t know who she is; M.I.A. is a British music artist of Sri Lankan origin who raps/sings about social issues and is just kick ass all around. I suggest you head to youtube and search for M.I.A. & Boyz (which is her new single) or Sunshowers (which is one of my favorite songs).

I will get back to writing, either tonight or definitely tomorrow. In other news I’ve been listening to podcasts about writing lately. I recommend Holly Lisle’s Holly Lisle on Writing. It hasn’t been updated in over a year but what’s there is good stuff. I also suggest Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing, again some really good tips and advice and just commiseration because it is “For wannabe fiction writers by a wannabe fiction writer”. I have a couple others that I’m on the fence about so I’ll report back when I have a more concrete opinion of them.

‘Cause I know you’re dying to know here is my current reading queue: Continue reading