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Things To Do

So Fantasy Magazine is holding a little contest for a piece of flash fiction (no more than 750 words) based on classic Sci-fi, Fantasy and/or Horror tales but updated to more modern times/setting. The winner gets a free copy of Fangland by John Marks which plays with the classic tale of Dracula.

The Locus Awards are coming and you can vote! You don’t have to pay anything or even be a subscriber to vote but ballots are due by April 15, so go over to the site and vote for your favorites. I know I always feel weird voting in these things because I haven’t read all the nominees and truthfully there are always some nominees who I just won’t read because they tend to work my nerve but I always remember everyone is working with that same handicap.  

Voting for the Hugo Awards. For this you need to pay, it’s $50 but you also get four free ebooks, the convention book and the right to vote in the Hugo Awards and on site selection, so I think it works out.

A new online newsletter:

Cynthia Ward, who wrote the long-running (14 years+) Market Maven market-news column for the cancelled writers’ magazine Speculations, is now the publisher of the new, monthly MARKET MAVEN electronic newsletter, which focuses on magazine and publisher guidelines and updates from the professional and semi-professional markets in the speculative fiction genres (science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal romance, cross-genre, etc).

It’s only $20/year and I will definitely be signing up for it.

Okay that’s my list of things to do (or at least the ones I though y’all would be interested in)