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So as some probably already know I’m part of the Black Science Fiction Society, a website to gather Black authors and fans of F/SF. A few months ago a member of the site, Milton Davis, decided to put together an anthology to showcase members of the site and our work.

Well Mr. Davis announced the stories and authors that will be in the Black Science Fiction Society Anthology when it’s published later this year and one of the stories is my own Summer.Heat.Fever.

Pretty Damn Awesome!

Other authors in the anthology range from general unknowns (like myself) to authors who’ve had novels and short stories published such as Carole McDonnell and even includes the legendary F/SF author, Charles Saunders.

So my first submission for 2009 went amazing! I don’t expect to get into most or even any of the other publications I submit to this year but it’s a great way to start off my 2009 resolution.  The story list looks awesome and I can’t wait to read the work when it comes out. More info as I get it.

Next I’m thinking of submitting my story Ode to an… to Strange Horizons after another go-through. I’m also working on a dystopic SF short (tentatively titled Blinded) to submit to an anthology in February.

Con Brain: Blog Semi-Hiatus & Publication!

So I’m already suffering from what I like to call Con Brain. Con Brain means that while I may be physically or online-ly(?) present my brain is really already at WisCon and I can’t think of anything else.  So I’ve just decided to start my Con hiatus early. I leave tomorrow night and return the following Weds. I am not taking my laptop with me so I’ll have limited computer access HOWEVER there are hotel computers and such and I will endeavor to post if anything absolutely fantabulous/horrific happens. So that’s why it’s a semi-hiatus, because I’m not staying away for sure but I might.

Semi-Hiatus: May 20 – May 28

Oh and in the good news I got my contributor copy of The WisCon Chronicles: Volume Two- Provocative essays on feminism, race, revolution, and the future. You can order it at the link, OR if you’re gonna be at WisCon it’ll be on sale there! You can read my essay “Thoughts on ‘Colonialism…In…Space’ and on the Ground” and plenty of other wonderful essay from K. Joyce Tsai, Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, Jacqueline A. Gross, Lawrence Schimel, Nora Jemison, Laurie J. Marks and more!

Publication! & Forgotten Linkage.

My first publication! Woo! It’s not fiction but an essay I wrote about my experience at WisCon last year. It’s entitled Colonialism…In…Space! and on the Ground and will be in WisCon Chronicles 2 forthcoming from Aqueduct Press. It’s actually spurred me into contemplating actually writing essays to submit to Strange Horizons and such. It’s not something I’ve given much thought to before although others have suggested it because I just didn’t think I was good enough compared to what I’ve seen out there. This acceptance is like a shot of confidence/adrenalin in the tush.

Also I now realize I had forgotten to link to my last post for The Angry Black Woman: The Strong Woman & Emasculated Man. It actually got linked to by feministing which is kind of kickass.

That’s all for now but they’ll probably be a longer contemplative post in the next couple of days because someone’s comment has reminded me of something I said I’d write about and never did.