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Seth Rogan, I Hate You.

So in my post about Adventureland ( “We Don’t Get This” ) there were some comments in the post itself and also in the comments between Kate and I that might have implied that I dislike Seth Rogan. At the time I was talking about Seth Rogan as one of the people that defines a certain genre of film and humor. But today…today I hate Seth Rogan! His new film “Observe & Report”? Apparently it contains a scene where Rogan’s character date rapes a woman intoxicated on high levels of tequila and anti-depressants. She’s so wasted she actually throws up on herself before it happens. But it’s still funny! Why? Well let’s just hear what Seth has to say:

In an interview with the Washington City Paper he states:

SETH ROGEN: When we’re having sex and she’s unconscious like you can literally feel the audience thinking, like, how the fuck are they going to make this okay? Like, what can possibly be said or done that I’m not going to walk out of the movie theater in the next thirty seconds? . . . And then she says, like, the one thing that makes it all okay:
BRANDI: “Why are you stopping, motherfucker?”

Okay that IS NOT consent! When you are so fucked up that you have vomited on yourself you cannot give informed consent! That line could have been about anything, don’t even assume at that point that’s she’s aware of her circumstances in any but the most random way. Trust me, on one or two occasions I’ve been that drunk and I have things I said recalled to me that I am absolutely horrified by and do things I never would have done sober. The argument that Brandi’s line somehow absolves him of raping her? NO! Let’s look at the fact that he never asked for consent before he started to undress her, he was obviously already set on the goal of sex whether she consented or not and nothing was going to stand in his way. The fact that her random ramblings while supremely intoxicated could be imagined to be INFORMED CONSENT allows Rogan’s charater to continue do what he was already doing while having some sort of balm for his guilt. It also allows the audience of mostly misogynistic and immature men to chuckle in public at something society tells them they should be horrified by. They don’t have to have guilt over having a fucked-up racist as a POV character or enjoying that scene because she said that line and that makes it humor! Funny!


Rape is NOT funny! Being violated is NOT a joke! Every time you mock sexual assault you make it more okay in the cultural discourse. It becomes a more acceptable act because after all even girls so fucked up they vomit on themselves want it? right? right?

I had heard that Superbad had it’s share of date-rape jokes which is the main reason I’ve never seen it. This film takes it a step further – not only is it acceptable to mock someones emotional anguish over being assaulted but it’s fine and dandy to perform the act! Fuck you Seth Rogan! Last week I hated you in an amorphous kind of way, now I want to punch you in your mouth!

P.S. We won’t even go into the fact that this scene and the violent rape scene from Last House on the Left made it past the MPAA but any hint of any alternative sexuality and there’s no way to get an R rating – ex. The Bruno film from Sasha Baron Cohen. Conflation, intersection of two mindset – firstly that women and women’s pain does not truly matter and so can be shown and mocked with impunity and secondly that any kind of sex act that GLBTQ people engage in is inherently dirty or sinful.

Hat tip to Jezebel: Is Date Rape Funny? Seth Rogan Explains It All To You

‘Sexual Assault’ & ‘Disengaging Online’

TRIGGER WARNING: This account of sexual assault is so stomach turning. Basically a girl on a school campus (that actually has a trail/path nicknamed “the rape trail”, I’m just gonna let that sink in) was accosted by a man who tried to dry hump her, she fought him off and screamed that he had sexually assaulted her a crowd of men gathered and a gentleman ripped off her shirt and fondled her breast while the rest of the guys in the circle cheered. Thankfully she fought her way out of that situation and good on her for speaking out and spreading her story around. 

This really brings up my thoughts on Women and Self-Defense which are basically that I definitely think it’s a very good thing to learn self-defense but we cannot just focusing on that when we discuss rape. We, as a society,  all to often ignore the rapists, their socialization and a culture that allows them to believe that rape is okay and normalized. I fully support training in self-defense but when people just throw that out as a “cure” for rape it angers me because it implies that women should be responsible for rape in some way and takes away the responsibility of the rapist. How about we start punishing rapists like they should be punished? How about we show people that this is not acceptable in any way? Anyway those are just my two cents.

Avalon’s Willow links the attack and the men’s reactions and subsequent attack to the Madonna/Whore complex which is something I hadn’t thought of but makes a whole lot of sense.   

So one of the posts I half wrote yesterday and ended up deleting was about engaging and disengaging with folks. I might revisit it later. It was about how do we decide when someones a troll, when do we not engage, when do we stop giving second chances. Well my friend Bankuei just put out a post, Disengagement Tactics, that touches on some of these issues while discussing ways to limit your interaction with the crazy. One of my favorite parts:

Because, you know, sexist, racist, and heterosexist ideas are totally totally oppressed views these days…(”Man, did you hear? They lynched another straight white guy! Then the cops shot him 50 times. Then he got raped! We’re so silenced, it’s like being invisible! Maybe if we got a white guy in political office, we could change things!”)

Head over and read the whole thing, hilarious and on point.