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2nd Submission for January

So I’ve gone ahead and submitted a second thing for the month of January, after all my resolution was only at least one publication a month not only one.  High on my first fiction publication promise I submitted my story “Ode to an Idea on a Winter’s Night, When the Sun is Low and the World is Fading” to Strange Horizons today. Keep your fingers crossed!

Also somehow I missed the fact that my second semester of grad school starts in less than a week. Somebody save me.

New Year’s Resolution

Now I know usually you’re supposed to make your resolution at the beginning of the year but I’ve broken my supposed resolutions so much in my life that I’ve simply stopped making them. But this resolution came to me as I was emailing my friend Terese. We were catching up and talking about writing and story ideas as we often do and about actually submitting our work to publications. See  I always talk about gathering the courage to submit my fiction and sometimes I do it but not nearly often enough for who I want to be and where I want to go in terms of my writing career. 

So my resolution for 2009? That every month I will submit to at least one publication. I’ve already submitted for this month, a short story called Summer.Heat.Fever. to an anthology. I’ll let you guys know the response as soon as I hear from them.

In other news, I thought I would be less busy now that I’m out of school but all the things I put off because I was so busy with school? They’ve all come rushing back with a vengeance but I’m going to make a really concerted effort to publish posts twice a week at least.