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Happy Belated Birthday Miss Octavia Butler!

I never met Octavia Butler, she never talked to me, she didn’t even know I existed but all the same she touched me and changed my life. The first book of Octavia’s that I read was Clay’s Ark, after that I tore through her work here was what I was looking for without really knowing it: F/SF that starred people who looked like me. She had a profound effect on myself and other writers not just of Color and yesterday was her birthday. In honor of that think about a donation to the Octavia E. Butler Scholarship foundation, there will never be another Octavia Butler but we can help those who would follow her trailblazing path get access to resources that helped her on her way.

Wherever you are Octavia know that your absence is keenly felt- 

I was attracted to science fiction because it was so wide open. I was able to do anything and there were no walls to hem you in and there was no human condition that you were stopped from examining. – Octavia E. Butler

And if you’ve never read an Octavia (1st, shame on you!) go here and read The Book of Martha about a woman speaking to God and Amnesty about a woman, how she communicates with aliens and why.


Is it odd?

I just realized something about my F/SF tendencies. When reading I prefer Fantasy works, this includes all the subgenres like Dark Fantasy, High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, etc. (not to say I don’t love some Sci-Fi books) but when watching T.V. or Movies I much prefer Science-Fiction (proven by the fact that I’ve owned the 3rd Lord of the Rings film for over 2 years and haven’t opened it yet despite the fact that I really did like the first two in the trilogy). I especially like what most would consider bad Sci-Fi films like Darklight & Ultraviolet.

I wonder if this is because my brain finds it easier to imagine mythical worlds rather than what might be the future? Or do I just find fantasy worlds boring on film because they so often look exactly the same (since most are filmed in New Zealand)? I don’t know but it was an interesting realization.

Another Feminist SF-Blog Post Up!

For now I’m on track with my goal of posting once a week. This week I blogged on The Lammy awards and their list of nominees.


News, one of my favorite authors Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu has been nominated for an NAACP Image Award for her novel The Shadow Speaker.
I haven’t been able to pick up The Shadow Speaker yet (because my local stores aren’t carrying it and I want to hit up a few more and see before I order from one of the big chains) but her first novel, Zahrah the Windseeker is one of my favorite books. I wrote a whole article comparing it very favorably to Harry Potter on the Feminist Science Fiction blog (Harry vs. Zahrah: Assimilation vs. Acceptance {Contains Spoilers}) and I recommend it to everyone I know.

Congratulations Nnedi, it’s very well deserved!

P.S. Nnedi is also the author of one of my favorite essays ever, I recommend it to everyone as well: Stephen King’s Super Duper Magical Negroes.