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Two Chances To See Me Read

So if you’re in the Bay Area there are two chances to see me read in the next few weeks. The first is at the Soulful Reading Series on my school’s campus. Here’s the flyer:soulful-revised


Not only do I know most of the readers and can guarantee their collective awesomeness and soulfulness but the piece I will be reading features cannibalism. CANNIBALISM! People you should be asking yourselves, how can you not come!

The second chance to hear me read will be on 5/1/2009 at the Center of Sex & Culture in San Francisco as part of SFinX’s Manifesto Night. I will be reading a non-fiction radically extreme political manifesto (or at least part of it) that I’m working on right now. I’ll put the poster and more info up here when I get it.

4/28/09 – reading moved to 5:30
5/01/09 – location moved to Modern Times Bookstore

I Won! (not first place but still I like winning.)

So I’ve been in bed sick for the last day and a half, left work early on Tues. and stayed home yesterday. Back in the office today because I’m feeling a little bit better and because I simply can’t afford another day off.

In good news I won one of the categories for the Fangland flash fiction contest. My little short “The Candy Witch” won for Best Creepy story. I didn’t think it was that creepy but I’ve been told over and over that my fiction can be really creepy and I just don’t notice ’cause I’m the one who wrote it.

And you guys should really head over to the link and read the first place story by ChiaLynn really fantastic, well written, complex. I like it so much I can’t even be upset about not winning because really, she deserved it. So YAY! for her as well and for the other winner Nina whose “Open Sesame” I also thought was very innovative and exciting. So head over and read both of those!

It was suggested by the angry black woman that I spin it out “The Candy Witch” into a full story and I’ve been thinking about that suggestion quite a bit. I’m working on a short story right now (Working Title: “Heaven-Tree-Earth”) and after that I have another short in mind called – “Rubber in Flight” but after that I think I’m gonna start working on expanding “The Candy WItch” I already have an idea how to do that so that’s the plan for right now but in the meantime wanna read the original short? Well it’s right below the cut (altered just a little from the original, because on second glance there were a few typos and a few word choices I had to switch ’cause they bothered me).

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