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General Life Update

I realize I haven’t done a general update on me in quite a while, so here it go:

-I’ve got a pretty good job right now, just general office work, answering phones etc. but I like the hours, most of the people and the environment so it’s going down as a very good thing. Plus it’s in an industry that I might be interested in getting involved in the next few years.

-I will be attending Mills College in the fall to get my MFA in Fiction, they’ve offered me enough aid (Loans and Scholarships) to cover the tuition at least, so this goes down as a very good thing as well.

-Doing more writing lately, but not on the novels that haunt my brain, more on shorter pieces. I’ve set myself a goal of 1,000 words a day and was doing pretty well there for a while but then fell off the wagon. I’m gonna try to hop back on the horse today (I mixed metaphors there but language is fluid and I like it, I’m gonna keep it)

-I’m reading/listening to about 5 books at the current moment and I need to finish at least one of those before I start another.

-29 days before I fly out for WisCon and I’m so excited not only for the panels but to see all the people I connected with last year.

These are the things forefront in my life/mind right now. Now to get back to writing.


Returned From Holiday Trips!

I am back in my own room relaxing which is very very good. I enjoyed my holidays a lot aside from a few glitches but it’s nice to be in your own space. But now that I am home I find myself unable/unwilling to write. I think a lot of this has to do with the lingering effects of finishing up my B.A. less than a month ago. I’m a little burned out on writing for now but it’s slowly coming back. Other than that I’m going to spend today actually working on a post for the FemSF blog which I love and have not posted on for months and try to get some of my grad school apps mostly done.

Happy 2008 to all! Hope the New Year treats you better than the last.

Je suis une bunny (meaning quick post!)

Four exciting things have happened in the last few days:

#1 Another professor agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. (Note to self: contact schools)

#2 I was asked to submit an essay to the WisCon anthology. I have an idea on what I want to write but I have to email them my idea and see if it’s okay.

#3 The first teacher who agreed to write me a recommendation caught up with me yesterday and asked if I would read something at this informal reading series he has in his home.

#4 Is a secret for two more days. I’ll post about it on Sat.

So last night I was nervous waiting for the other shoe to drop when I realized that is not the way to live your life. I am going to enjoy this sudden windfall and be happy about the whole thing. So YAY!

We Don’t Need No Education. Hey! Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone! – (quick post on grad school)

So I’ve narrowed down the grad schools I’m applying to, they will be: San Francisco State, Mills College, California College of the Arts & University of Southern Maine-Stonecoast (one of the M.F.A. programs in the country that actually has an M.F.A. in Popular Fiction meaning Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Mystery/Horror/Romance/Westerns/ etc., current teachers include James Patrick Kelly & Kelly Link).

Now I have to get two more letters of recommendation and start on my applications.

Oh and since I said I would start sharing some of my stuff on this blog here’s a one page something I wrote about a week ago” Continue reading

Quick Updates –

Writing my suck ass biology papaer right now so I only have time for quick updates.

-The workshop with Mary Anne Mohanraj was absolutely fantastic! Focusing on all of these separate elements in detail really helped me focus on the novel I’m supposed to be writing and get more interested in it. I tend to lose interest in things but writing out scenes from later in the book reinvested me in the world and people. She was a fantabulous teacher and was great to talk with. I wish I had been able to stay and watch her read but I had my first GRE study session.

-The GRE’s are torture devices. I need someone to explain to me why I need to take the math  portion when I intend to go to grad school for Creative Writing or Library Sciences?

-The first teacher I went to ask for a letter of recommendation said yeah! Score! I’ll hit the next one up either tomorrow or next Weds. The other two I have to wait until I finish their classes this semester.

-Working on a post for the Feminist SF Blog (working taking to mean I’ve thought it up and put like 10 words to the page) called: My love affair with the Wicked Queen: How Maleficent and I started our May/December romance.

– Also working (look above for my definition of working) on a longer post to this journal that’s more essayist in nature called: Julia Sugarbaker made me a feminist!

Back to my suckass paper.