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Nostalgia Post: It’s Log!

This morning I found myself singing the log song in a cafe to a friend who had never heard it. I know, shocking!

For any other cultureless people that don’t know, Log from Blammo was a toy featured on the cartoon show Ren & Stimpy and to this day I can sing the song almost exactly despite not having seen the show in years. That’s how catchy a lot of the stuff from 90s cartoons was. For those who’ve never seen it before (really, shocking!) I present Log!

and as a bonus:

Ask Dr. Stupid:

It’s funny how I remember the animation as so cutting edge and awesome and looking back from now? Yeah, not so much.

Media Friday – Ming & Ping

I intended to post something else this week because I do want to try and keep to at least two posts per week but this particular week was a hard one so all you’re getting from me is the media post hopefully next week’ll be better. 

Since I talked about Masia One a couple of weeks ago I figured I should talk about another artist I saw at the same festival and immediately fell in love with – Ming & Ping!

Ming and Ping are twins born in Hong Kong but now based in San Francisco and their music gives me flashbacks to all the good parts of the 80s – the use of electronica, the make-up, the theatrics, the mystery (from their wikipedia article: Interest in the group is aided by many rumors that both twins are in fact the same performer. However, due to their rare public appearances, these rumors remain unconfirmed). Remember the days when artist wore masks and who knew who they were and it was all about the music and the crazy characters they were on stage? Yeah that’s what it reminds me of.

Plus their videos are visually beautiful as if the artwork from their album cover thanks in part to Bao Vo their producer/creative director.

“Legends of Nothing”

“City of Lies”


Media Friday – Masia One

Masia One is a Chinese-Canadian rapper who I believe is pretty well-known in Canada.  In fact she was the first female rapper to be nominated for “Best Rap Video” in the MuchMusic Video Awards, which from what I can tell are like our MTV VMAs.

I became aware of her back in March during the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival when her video “Return of the B-girl” was shown during the Music Video showing which included musicians of Asian descent from America, Canada, Britain, HK and elsewhere. I was an instant fan and I thought I should share a few of her videos since she’s virtually unknown in America which is truly a shame.

Split Second Time

Return of the B-girl (which includes actual all-female breaking teams)

Media Friday – The Buffy Spin-Off that Never Was

Recently a three minute clip of the scrapped Buffy cartoon was leaked online. I think all the actors from the show voiced their characters except for Sarah Michele Gellar and I don’t know who they got but her voice is very reminiscent of SMG’s. Checking it out I see a lot of potential, there are some rough jokes and weird pauses but then again this is a pilot so chances are it would have gotten better over time.

For me this goes in the “Things The Suits Passed On But Never Should Have!” along with the Global Frequency pilot. Anyway check out the clip!

Neo-Soul Videos – Part 1

Related to last Friday’s post about the coopting of Neo-Soul by white artists with no connection to the community. Here are some other black Neo-Soul artists/songs you may not have heard of.

Leela James – Music

Jaguar Wright – Free (live, 10 minute version)

Lina – Not The Enemy

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Cree Summer – Savior Self

Res – Golden Boys

Orson Scott Card & Media Friday

By now most of you have probably heard about OSC’s rabidly heterosexist rant in the Mormon Times. If you haven’t check out Yonmei’s deconstruction over at Feminist SF – The Blog. Yonmei’s blogged extensively about OSC’s bigotry over on FemSF but his rant against marriage equality really takes the cake. Bankuei over at Deeper In The Gamereminded me of OSC’s book Songmaster, it’s a relevant point in the discussion that OSC does have queer characters in his books they just always come to horrible ends or realize the way they are is wrong and live in unhappy marriages.

So Media today! I recently talked about Comic Book Tattoo, the almost 500 page comic anthology with over 50 stories all based on Tori Amos’ songs. Well I read the whole thing and it’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone even if you’re not an Amos fan. If you are an Amos fan then sweet jebus you have to get this book! Reading the book while listening to the song that inspired it is fascinating the two different forms inform each other so much that you end up catching nuances in both works that you didn’t notice before. In celebration of that here’s some Tori, a couple classics, a couple from her newest album and one from her hard to find early metal album Y Kant Tori Read:

Media Friday: In Honor Of Comic-Con

So sadly I could not afford to go to Comic-Con this year but I’ve been following some of the news coming out of it in some of my favorite blogs. The most exciting news I’ve heard is about this new comic about a lost hero known as the “Blue Marvel”, io9.com gives us the downlow:

Talking about the latest book, Grevioux explained that it’s a book that he’s always wanted to do. In the late 1950s and early ’60s, the most famous and well-loved hero in the Marvel Universe was the Blue Marvel… until it was revealed that he was, under the cowl, black. “In the ’60s, a black man with that much power wouldn’t have been perceived as very friendly, no matter the [intent],”explained Grevioux, which leads to President Kennedy asking the hero to go into hiding to help the burgeoning civil rights movement. His hiding works too well, and when the hero’s nemesis returns 40 years after his presumed death, it’s up to the Avengers to find the forgotten hero. (io9)[emphasis mine]

Head over to the link for some art of the Blue Marvel. I’m very (tentatively) excited about this, it shows an understanding of race relations that very often absent from other comics. I mean we’ll have to wait and see how it all goes down but I’m naming it a win for now.
Also in honor of Comic-Con, one of my favorite movie scenes ever. Hooper X goes the fuck of in the “diversity panel” of a comic book convention from Chasing Amy.

Happy Friday everyone, have a good weekend and for everyone down at Comic-Con in San Diego have a fantastic time and don’t forget to bring me a present!

Links – An Icon Passes On, Musical Muse & Buffy Still White As Ever

Three Things:


If you haven’t heard already actress Estelle Getty, best known for her portrayal of Sophia on Golden Girls passed away yesterday. Getty had a long and varied career on the stage and on screen both large and small but her iconic status comes from her signature role as Sophia. Golden Girls is one of the ultimate feminist shows to be, not only in the messages but in the set up of the show and the characters. Feministe goes into it more here but I really think of Golden Girls as the first feminist show I watched. I still watch it often, on the Lifetime Channel, on DVD, etc. It’s a great hilarious show and the highlight is almost always Sophia’s witty, sarcastic one-liners. She was an icon not only for her wit but for her activity and sexuality well into her 80’s. She was the old person we all wanted to grow up to be.

Estelle was 84 and had been sick for quite a while, she was found yesterday in her Hollywood home.

A lot of folks won’t remember this clip from the 1996 MTV movie awards but it’s hilarious and always tickles me 
The Golden Girls doing Clueless  


One of the most anticipated Comic book releases this year (and not just by me) is Comic Book Tattoo. The 480 page anthology contains over 50 stories contributed by over 80 comic book artist/writers (I’m talking a who’s who of the industry) and everyone of the stories takes a Tori Amos song as it’s base.

It’s premiering this week at Comic-Con but since I’m too broke to go I went ahead and ordered it on Amazon.com yesterday. They have all three versions of the book: The Limited Edition (regular price – $149.99/Amazon.com – $94.49), the hardcover (regular price – $49.99/Amazon.com – $31.49) and the paperback (regular price – $29.99/Amazon.com -$19.79). Being, as I mentioned above, broke I ordered the paperback version and it’s a good thing to as it’s the only one listed as In Stock at the moment, the other two versions are listed as not yet released.

This is so exciting, I keep checking my order every hour to see if it’s shipped yet. Amazon says I’ll recieve my copy by this Friday and I hope they’re telling the truth because I fully expect Friday night to be spent in a haze of transcendence as I listen to Tori songs on repeat while reading the stories they inspired.


Karen Healey over at Girls Read Comics, And They’re Pissed talks about her relationship with the Buffy comics and the fact that they still can’t seem to keep any People of Color in the main cast even now in  I Was Reading On The Train, So I Couldn’t Throw the Book.  Anyone who’s discussed Buffy with me knows that though I do love the show I have so major issues with it as well. One of these issues is the lack of People of Color in a Southern California town which is just illogical. It’s the same reaction I have to shows set in New York with no POC: …wuh?…

In fact in my essay in the WisCon Chronicles Two I touch on Buffy as an extremely all-white show. I mean the last season introduced in my opinion two stand out POC characters, Rona & Principal Wood except look how they ended up in the last episode both extremely injured and clinging to life.

Anyway the point is that as good as some feminist fans think Joss is on gender  (Digressing! -though I think he’s better than a lot of men I disagree vehemently with those in the feminist community who practically deify him and have to fight not to scream “I Told You So” at those who are so disappointed with his web series Dr. Horrible because of it’s horrible third part – The Hathor Legacy has more on the badness of Dr. Horrible in a recent post) he is pretty bad on race. I mean folks want to point at Firefly/Serenity and say “Look he’s good on race truly he is!” but …no, as much as I love both Firefly and Serenity and hope for a sequel just …no it’s not being good on race to just have POC in the show. The POC actually have to be done well and be full and complete characters that don’t rely on problematic stereotypes:  Book -Magical Religious Godly Negro, River – Scary fighting Asian chick but with white parents which Idon’t get, Inara – Sexualized darker skinned Latina. I mean maybe Joss was really going to disrupt these things later in the show and never got the chance but there’s no evidence he was gonna do that either.

Okay off to work!

Problematic Things I Enjoy – I Kissed A Girl

Okay so the genesis for this (maybe-series of posts) post comes from my talk of Watchmen on Friday and the why I love it and think it’s a seminal work in comics despite my many issues with it in regards to race, gender and sexuality. So the point is to highlight something that is problematic but I still enjoy. Because we all have those things that we know are bad and have issues but that we like anyway. I think that it’s hard to be the “perfect” activist, you’re gonna like things that you know further an agenda you don’t agree with. I deal with this by dissecting and acknowledging the problems in the things because by doing so we can rob it of a lot of it’s power. When we know the message that’s trying to be communicated to us we can counteract it more easily in ourselves and friends.

Just my theory, you may disagree.

So the problematic thing I enjoy in this post is Katy Perry’s hit song – I Kissed A Girl. Oh beat and rhythm that I love is it possible to numerate all the ways the lyrics go wrong?

These lyrics froth with issues that include – a lack of female agency, a devaluation of lesbian relations and sexuality, treatment of women as only sexual beings unworthy of names, a continued preoccupation with what her boyfriend will think as opposed to what she feels like after this experience, the use of lesbian sexuality as a ploy to titillate therefore ignoring any validity in those feelings, encouraging bi-phobia and detrimentality to the acceptance of bisexuality as a valid identity choice because it can all be written off as experimentation. And possibly a lot more I haven’t picked up on yet, feel free to point them out, yet despite all this there’s something about the music and the sound of Perry’s voice (the deep tone of it) that I really like and I’ve been listening to the song on repeat.

If you haven’t seen it or heard it, here’s the video:

There’s something about the chorus and the way it’s produced that makes me want to move my feet even though I cringe at the calling of this other girl “an experimental game” and the continuing reference to “I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it”. Now I’m sure some think it’s just a cheeky fun song and I should lay off but pop culture influences everything around us and we ignore the things that gain popularity at our peril.

Verdict: So problematic that I refuse to give her some of my hard earned money in any way but I’ll shake my groove thing to it in the privacy of my own room and discuss the problems with others who enjoy it.

Off-Topic but somewhat related Coda: 

Now for politics and validation of alternative sexuality I much prefer Jill Sobule’s song of the same name. The story of two married women who end up finding more pleasure in each other than in their loud, annoying, brutish husbands. They have agenc, they make the decisions and from Jill I can take it because she’s made a career of commentary and satire in her songs. Jill is mocking the belief that lesbianism is a fad or stage of development whereas Katy seems to mock lesbianism itself. Jill Sobule, in case you don’t know, is a brilliant sarcastic singer-songwriter who’s been around for years. She’s articulate, quirky, off-the-wall and always interesting her songs. You might know her songs if not her, she’s a two hit wonder in mainstream music hitting it big with I Kissed A Girl & Supermodel – a sarcastic look at starvation and obsession with pop culture and models particularly.
Jills Sobule’s – I Kissed A Girl

Media Friday! 7-18-2008

Thank Jebus it’s Friday y’all, ’cause this week has been the longest ever. It felt like a month. I suspect some sort of warp in the fabric of space-time. So I’m thinking of making my Friday posts all about the media where I post videos or pictures or whatever.

Now many here may not now it but there are certain reality shows that I love (only a few! I can’t help it). At the top of my list is So You Think You Can Dance. My two favorite dances from this week:

Twitch & Comfort – HipHop

Will & Katee – Pas de Deux

And for all you genre fans out there, here’s the trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen. For those who don’t know Watchman is a 12 issue mini-series comic, released in the U.K. in 1986/1987 largely thought to be one of the best graphic novels ever. I have major issues with the comic to the point that I have never re-read the story after that first time. These issues have to do with blatant sexism, queerism and racism that thread through the work. I don’t want to spoil anyone but it’s a seriously problematic book. The thing that saves it is the crazy ass political leanings of the characters and the way everything plays out. Moore does fuckedupedness well I just wish the comics weren’t so damn problematic and traumitizing!  

That being said many American comic writers/artists decided to break with the comics code and do their own think after seeing the dark, gritty, real world of Watchmen. It truly made a lot of the “adult” comics I love today possible.

It’ll be interesting to see if the adaptation gets as dark as the comic, which is pretty damn dark. The movie’s not out until March 2009.