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Feminist SF – The Blog!

The world of the Zodiac has no room for you!…or me or anyone who strays from white heteronormativity

Judging Books & Their Covers.

Harry vs. Zahrah: Assimilation vs. Acceptance

Heterosexism alright for teens!

Lambda Literary Foundation Awards – Nominees Revealed

Women & Robots – Review of Sarah Connor Chronicles

Newsflash – Nalo Hopkinson Imprint

The Fairies Are Traditional. The Humans Not So Much.

The Fantasy of Rape: The Use of Rape as a Catalyst on Female Protagonists in SF/F

What Feminist SF Books Should Be Movies?

New Horror Series on NBC Lacks Women Writers & Directors

Karaba’s Potential Never Fully Realized

Let’s Make Our Own List! – Nomination Post & Let’s Make Our Own List – Addendum 

Interview with Award Winning Author Nancy Kress

Top 24 Obscure Works – Second Round of Voting Starts Monday

Final Round of Voting! – Top Ten Obscure(?) Works

Top Ten (Eleven) Obscure Works

The Angry Black Woman

Why I Don’t Like To Admit That I Support Obama

The Privilege of Politeness

The Strong Woman* & Emasculated Man

Fantasy Magazine

Book Review – Empress by Karen Miller

“The Chosen One” vs. The One Who Chooses

Crossing Lines: Stargate Atlantis’ Fifth Season Premiere

Comic Book Tattoo, ed. Rantz Hoseley

Crossing Lines: Stargate Atlantis — Full Speed Ahead

Crossing Lines: Deconstructing Black Superheroes

Crossing Lines: Stargate Atlantis — There’s No “I” In Team

Crossing Lines: Stargate Atlantis — No Hope On The Horizon

Crossing Lines: My Favorite Christmas Film

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