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Writing Day & Weird Tales Flash Fiction Writing Contest

So I have a bunch of things to work on so I’m making today a Writing Day.

Before I go off to be creative though I want to link to the Flash Fiction Contest Weird Tales is running. The top three entries will be published  online at The entry has to be under 500 words and based on a piece of spam you’ve received. If you haven’t been getting spam/have thrown all yours away there is a link to a page with Spam headlines in the post itself. Work fast though because entries are due by Aug.4.

Writing Day & Virtuality 7.22.08

Okay so since yesterday I’ve been feeling filled with creative energy so I’m declaring today a Writing Day.
But before I go off to be a creative I have to point out that I’m super pissed at Ron Moore’s new show Virtuality. This is one of the new sf/f shows coming up that I wanted to try out until I read spoilers on

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Writing Day 7-03-08

I made a promise to myself to finish one short story a week and since I’m pretty close to finishing my story Summer.Heat.Fever. and I want to concentrate on that right now. So I’m declaring today a writing day, I’ll let y’all know if I actually do finish the story today.

Currently Reading: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Writing Day! 6-18-08

I have a bunch of projects I need to work on and I’m feeling a little stressed so I’m declaring today a Writing Day! I will be working on various non-fiction projects and such today, tell you more about them soon.

Currently Reading: An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil by Jim Monroe


Writing Day! 6-9-2008

Everytime I go through a dryspell of reading I forget how much that affects my writing. When I’m reading something and I truly fall into the world and the people it’s one of those magical things that makes me want to write all the time. Of course this feeling only usually lasts until I actually start to write but still I’m declaring it a Writing Day today!

Currently Reading: Empress by Karen Miller

Some Posts Coming This Week:
-The Last 2 Days of WisCon

Writing Day!

I’m declaring today a Writing Day! What does that mean you ask? Well instead of sitting here writing a post I’m dedicating my whole day to writing some fiction. I’m probably gonna have these once a week or so and I think that everyone should join in! If you blog regularly (or like me semi-regularly) then instead of trying to figure out a post for today just go to you blog and post: WRITING DAY! Join Me? and a simple explanation.

Off to write!