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Home Sweet Home (BLITEOTW)

Made it home but there were some close calls. At one point I had to whole up in a storefront church with a bunch of other refugees. The zombies were beating on the door when suddenly they started to just drop where they stood.

The way home was littered with rotting corpses. Thank God. I’m taking this to mean that we might be zombie free as early as tomorrow.

The nightmare may be over but what made it happen? What caused this horror? And will it happen again?

I know one thing for sure I’m getting my Apocalypse Preparedness Kit together this summer.


Shit! The undead are smarter than they’ve been made out to be. They’ve jacked up the engines of all the cars I’ve hit up so far.

Making my way on foot, I’ve fought my way down Mission. Now at Mission & Ocean, I’m almost home. I’m covered in brains from the zombies I’ve had to blow away and it’s quite disgusting but I’m not infected as far as I can tell.

The Zombie Apocalypse may be at hand but I’ll be damned if I’ll lay quietly in the street and die. I now have more than a few guns and enough ammo to last a while. I’ll blog again when I reach home.

Solo Again (BLITEOTW)

By the time I got back to the Hummer with fuel the zombies were all over it. I managed not to draw their attention and headed back around the corner. I’m stuck in the middle of ythe Mission, zombies on every side. I think my best option is to somehow commandeer a vehicle (I knew I should have learned to hotwire when I had the chance!).

I’m holed up in an abandoned building on 17th & Mission right now. My only plan is to get home and hole up there until help arrives. It’s a long road and I want to get there before dark so I better head out.

Oh Shit!

Okay I’m back, had to take out two zombies that somehow sniffed me out. The shelter’s been compromised gotta go. If anyone knows what the military are planning comment on this. I have a very bad feeling they’re gonna try to burn out the infection. I’ll blog again, if I haven’t been eaten by zombies or burned alive by my own government.

P.S. If any of my friends from the bay are still alive and kicking comment and I’ll try to swing by and pick you up. Safety in numbers and all that.

Posting From The Road (BLITEOTW)

I’m posting from a blackberry I found next to what was left of a businessman in the Financial District. We fought our way from the library and though there were a lot of casualties I made it out without being bitten. Plus found a cool new tech toy. SCORE!

I’m on the road with some fellow refugees, rolling down the street in a Hummer we stole.  I don’t agree with Hummers as rec vehicles but damn their great when you’re mowing down zombies!

We’re gonna try to make it out of the city but every road we’ve tried has been blocked by the U.S. Military. They’re going for containment but I’ll be damned if I’ll let them trap me in this zombie playground! Sure the zombies are slow but they’ve got numbers.

Shit! We’ve run out of gas! It’s my turn with the gas siphon. Taking my shotgun and hitting the first car I see. I’ll blog later, if I survive.


I’m at the main library and something is going down outside! As far as I can tell (looking out the windows) there are 30 – 40 slow moving people outside trying to make their way in! They’re jumping on random strangers and wrestling them down to the ground…and it looks like their biting them! I’m seeing a lot of blog posts from all over talking about zombies. But that can’t be true…right? The library asked us all to stay were we are, so I’m in the 3rd floor computer area, but that was 30 minutes ago and we haven’t heard anything else. I’m ready to –

Holy-fucking-shit! that was glass breaking! Something is about to jump off in here, gotta go. I’ll try to post later. If I’m still alive.