Full of Lies! and Vacation Update.

So I promised to try and write while here on vacay with the family but I just haven’t had the time or the privacy to really write a long post about anything. I’m so full of lies, inadvertent lies but lies none the less.

I have another post up at theangryblackwoman.com called The Privilege of Politeness, check it out. Visiting my family always makes me think of politics more and more because as much as they claim to be liberals they’ll make off the cuff remarks that I find terribly¬†prejudiced so then I call them on it and it leads to a big argument and it’s so draining but at the same time it’s kind of exhilarating when I get one of them to stop and thing about what they said and how problematic it is.

The funny thing is that my father accuses me of having blinders on when I won’t agree with stereotypical assertions.

Ahhh family.

2 responses to “Full of Lies! and Vacation Update.

  1. Last week a family member informed me that Obama doesn’t sound black, he sounds Midwestern.

    I was, alas, officially a coward. I did not unpack the statement. I am such a youngest child.

  2. Oh, and I read your Politeness post. I agree. Especially in the sense that when societal and cultural structures create inequities that are bound to create resentment and justified anger in those oppressed by those systems, that anger must then be defined as illegitimate in one way or another, which definition can shift depending on the circumstances.

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