Online Art & A Poll!

– I’ve been trying to keep you guys up with vito_excalibur’s wonderful art alters where she plays with the gender of such classic characters as Power Girl & ‘Beauty & The Beast’ and with the nationality/racial representation of Wonder Woman. Well Alters #4 is up and this time it’s her take on The Joker & Dr. Harley Quinn. I’m really loving this art series and this one is no exception so head over, take a look at her representation and tell her how much you love them! 

In other news though I’ve posted a nominee post over at Feminist SF! – The Blog. Head over, read it and list the five F/SF novels you find the most obscure or underrated!

– I’m still up on the fence about writing more of my WisCon recap.

2 responses to “Online Art & A Poll!

  1. Aw, thank you!

    Also for the record I definitely want to hear about the rest of your Wiscon. And I am curious about the bodymod art! For the first time ever this year I did not even get to walk through the art show room. Any chance you might put up scans?

  2. vito:
    It’s just the truth, I really do love this series. I think they’re really innovative and fun as well.

    I’m did Day 3 of WisCon and am probably gonna do all the rest of it in one big braindump post next week. I don’t have a scanner and the art is a bit larger than most normal sized scanners but I’ll see if I can get something up next week somehow.

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