Art – Improv Everywhere

For those of you who don’t know Improv Everywhere is a group that does odd things and videotapes them along with the reactions of bystanders. They are awesome. It’s this great display of spontaneous art and I love not only the ideas they come up with but the reactions of some of the bystanders as well because some of them are truly hilarious.

Previous stunts include the No-Pants Subway Ride, Frozen Grand Central, The MP3 Experiments and what may be my favorite of all time Food Court Musical. Of course I could hope they had some political or progressive message but that’s just me loving when identity politics and art come together (maybe it’s something to think about starting up when I’m done with Grad School). I urge you all to check out their website and all the wonderful videos they have up.
Here’s just a sampling!

No Pants 2k8

Frozen Grand Central

Food Court Musical

This post came about because I just watched their Latest Mission video Human Mirror which was good but not as good as some of these classics!


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